How MUNA Operates


The Winnipeg Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. Approximately seventy UN member nations are represented at the MUNA by delegations consisting of two students (grades 9 through 12).

The theme of 2020 MUNA is Addressing Instability: Democracy, Migration and Climate Change.

Each delegation will be given the opportunity to speak at the Opening Plenary on this theme. The time limit for these speeches is 1 minute. 


Process instructions will be updated In January!


An agenda of draft resolution topics, closely related to issues before the current UN General Assembly, is prepared for debate several months in advance of the MUNA event, which takes place each year in the month of May. Participating students are expected to diligently research the draft resolutions and their country’s positions.


Soon after registering, delegations are advised of their country assignment and also of potential speaking and leadership roles in chairing committees.


To prepare for MUNA, please visit the following pages:


In addition, the recording and slides for the 2019 Winnipeg MUNA Training Webinars may be viewed using the links below.

Winnipeg MUNA – Webinar #1 Orientation and Training for All Delegates (April 8 2019):

April 8 Webinar Video and Recording – click here
April 8 Webinar slides only – click here 

Winnipeg MUNA – Webinar #2 Orientation and Training for Leaders of Committees (April 10 2019)

April 10 Webinar Video and Recording – click here
April 10 Webinar slides only – click here