The two years I was involved with the Model UN opened for me the challenges faced by the world of international relations. It also gave me the opportunity to meet, through the Rotary club, the dedicated volunteers, advisors and mentors to learn from. Looking back, as a former foreign minister, I believe participating in the Model UN was one of the formative experiences of my youth.”

Dr.Lloyd Axworthy, Former President of the University of Winnipeg, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


“Taking part in the prestigious Winnipeg Rotary Model United Nations Assembly as a high school student allowed me to experience for the first time how politics is conducted, both in the public halls and behind the scenes. It gave me a taste of what it means to speak to the hopes, dreams, and needs of all citizens. For the participants of the 55th Winnipeg MUNA, it is the perfect time to hone your debating and negotiating skills, and to put your convictions into action.”

The Honourable Greg Selinger, Former Premier of Manitoba 


“The event (MUNA) enabled us to both expand our world views, as well as interact with other high school students from around the region and the United States who are like-minded and interested in the valuable role fulfilled by the United Nations. The conference offered a realistic view of the rewarding and at times challenging nature of diplomatic relations undertaken by the United Nations Assembly.”

Anne Campbell, Katherine Burley, Rachel Bernhardt and Leah Bernhardt.
Balmoral Hall School students, Winnipeg 2015


“MUNA is very educational.  Students learn the skills that are in demand from employers – the soft skills, interpersonal skills like learning to speak in public, networking with a group of strangers, etc.  None of them are going to be experts in the Roberts Rules of Order by the end of the weekend but they will have been exposed to the style of meeting.

The weekend also inspires them to a different future than they may have imagined prior to attending MUNA.  They can learn about the UN if they want at a later date.  I suspect that the vast majority of MUNA students will not be working for the UN in the future but will be leaders in some capacity.”

Gus Watanabe, Guidance Counselling Team Leader, Vincent Massey Collegiate.