Event news

Bert Friesen Award – Best Prepared Delegation

  • Knowledge and awareness of UN Charter and procedures
  • Knowledge of assigned country and resolutions 
  • Awareness of global context

Rais Khan Award – Most Diplomatic Delegation

  • Finesse in negotiating toward consensus with other delegations
  • Contribution to drafting of resolutions and amendments
  • Proficiency in debating: delivery, clarity of expression, demonstratedrespect for opposing views, use of appropriate forms of address

For the Rais Khan Award, Most Diplomatic Delegation, the winner for 2019 was the delegation of Afghanistan from Shaftesbury High School: Counsellor Steven Peers, Delegates Emma Monti and Priya Basra.

Honourable mentions were Kenya: Dinsmore Composite School: Counsellor: Karen Blackwell-Jones, Delegates Shae Simonson and William Norris. Algeria: Grant Park High School: Counsellor: Reshal Stein, Delegates Meixi Zhang and Katie Delay.

The 2019 winners of the Bert Friesen Award for the Best Prepared Delegation represented Ethiopia. The delegation came from Garden City Collegiate and comprised Counsellor Kamal Dhillon and Delegates Gracie Grift and Annelies Koch-Schulte.

Honourable mentions were United States: Seven Oaks Met School: Counsellor: Terri Willard, Delegates Teo Capitano and Meg Boehm.  France: Saint John’s Ravenscourt: Counsellors: Heather Ragot and Mary-Ellen Campbell, Delegates: Vicky Vorovska and Arjun Khandelwal.