Travel Info

Sponsors are responsible for all travel expenses for out of town delegates.

For International Students
International students (not U.S. or Canadian citizens) will require a passport, and may require a visa, to enter Canada. A visa valid for the U.S. is not valid for entry into Canada. For information on how and where to obtain a Canadian visa, link to:

International students must also ensure that their U.S. visa is valid for multiple entries in the U.S. or they may face border problems when returning to the U.S. following MUNA.

For U.S. students
Students under the age of 18 years must have a letter, signed by a parent or guardian, granting permission for the student to cross the international border. The letter should indicate the purpose and dates of travel.

Counsellors or other drivers are advised to carry a parental authorization letter when crossing the international border with unrelated minors in their vehicle.

U.S. and Canadian students must have a valid passport to cross the international border. Information on how to obtain a U.S. passport can be found at

For all students
All delegates and counsellors must carry medical health insurance coverage. Canadians are covered by their provincial health insurance. U.S. students, counsellors, and international students must purchase their own insurance prior to travel. The MUNA Committee or the Rotary Club of Winnipeg will not bear any responsibility for medical costs, except emergency first aid.

It is important that each delegate carry the contact and phone number found in the information package in case there is need to contact someone. In the event of failure in communication or arrangements, please contact the Registration Desk (204-298-0046) or a member of the Rotary MUNA Committee.

All MUNA activities are held on the CMU campus and no transportation is needed. On Friday night a special bus will provide transportation to the Hitch ‘N Post for a BBQ and dance.