The Model United Nations Assembly has been successful in the past because it was possible to work out a balanced system of cooperation and shared responsibility. We trust that this sense of shared responsibility will prevail so that MUNA would continue to remain a useful and worthwhile learning experience. Four major groups contribute to the programme:

  1. The sponsoring Rotary Clubs
  2. The student delegations and their families
  3. The Counsellors
  4. The cooperating agencies in Winnipeg

The sponsoring Rotary Clubs are responsible for the selection of delegates and counsellors and for giving them financial assistance and encouragement. It is recommended that, upon their return home, delegates and their counsellor be invited back to the Club to report on their MUNA experience, possibly as part of a regular weekly meeting.

Students selected to participate in MUNA should evince interest in world affairs. They should have home town pride because they also represent their community. They should be prepared to do considerable reading and research to prepare for the debates in MUNA. An unprepared delegation can be a liability and impair the effectiveness of the exercise in international understanding.

Upon return home, each delegation and its counsellor is urged to report to the sponsoring club and the school. The students are encouraged also to tell their fellow students of their MUNA experience, of their understanding of the United Nations, of the country they represented, and to exhort them for possible participation in the future.

As ambassadors of their assigned countries, all delegates are required to conform to the dress code outlined in a separate section.

The counsellors make a major contribution to the success of MUNA and to a pleasant experience for their delegation. They should be both motivators and guides in the students’ preparation of material and in training them for public speaking. Without continued advice and direction, students could lose focus and thus dilute the value of MUNA to them. Counsellors need not be experts in international affairs but they must be willing and available to work with the students during the home phase of preparation. Some coaching in Robert’s Rules of Order is highly recommended. While in Winnipeg, counsellors must be available to advise students and as a contact should an untoward situation were to arise.

The Rotary Club of Winnipeg along with cooperating agencies accepts the responsibility of providing housing, meals, transportation, meeting agenda, resolutions, relevant literature, computer facilities, and other general and ancillary arrangements for MUNA participants.