Rotary Clubs or High Schools can sponsor participants in MUNA. Invitations to sponsors are sent out each year starting in the month of October.

The sponsoring Club/High School will select a delegation of two Grades 9, 10, 11  or 12 students and an adult as counsellor.

The sponsoring Rotary Club/High School is also responsible for:

  • Registration fees for the delegation to cover costs listed in the fee schedule.
  • Transportation to and from the conference site in Winnipeg.
  • Cost of Counsellor’s food and lodging.
  • Cost of Medical and Accidental Health Insurance (if needed) for the students.

Having decided to participate, the sponsoring Club/High School must complete and send a Registration and Release Forms along with the requisite Fee to the Chair, MUNA Committee, Rotary Club of Winnipeg. Registration applications are acknowledged when received.

It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring Club/High School to secure pertinent information on the general workings of the UN, and on the specific items on the agenda, for the education and preparation of the participating students. To do so effectively, each sponsoring Club must select one local person interested and informed in world affairs, as counsellor, to advise and assist the students during their period of preparation. These counsellors may or may not be Rotarians, but they must be available and willing to devote time to the preparation of the students and travel with them to Winnipeg.

MUNA is composed of Member nations of the UN. The Rotary Club of Winnipeg MUNA Committee assigns delegations to represent a UN member country. Country allocation is made each year starting in the month of January, on the basis of a draw.