Pages are made available by the organizers of MUNA to facilitate communication between delegations during plenary sessions of the General Assembly and Committee meetings when personal contact may not be possible.

Pages are senior grade school students and members of the Army and Navy Cadet Corp who volunteer their time to participate in and learn from the MUNA experience. Many of them return in subsequent years as delegates to MUNA.

Pages provide an invaluable service to MUNA delegations by ferrying notes back and forth among delegates and delegations, and between delegations and table officers, when personal contact would result in too much movement causing distraction from the proceedings in the Assembly or in Committees.

Therefore, their contribution and service should be respected and valued, not misused or abused. To that end, MUNA participants should abide by the following guidelines when using the services of Pages.

Pages should be treated with respect. Service of pages should be used sparingly, discriminately, and only when necessary. Messages should pertain to matters under discussion during Assembly sessions, Committee meetings, or to matters related to MUNA in general.

Pages must not be used for sending personal or social communications.
Use of abusive language in communication or sending out anonymous notes is both unprofessional and undiplomatic and should be rigorously avoided. Delegations found resorting to such behaviour may be denied the service of Pages.

Counsellors, sitting with their delegations, are expected to ensure in their own way that these guidelines are followed.