The counsellor system was devised to provide mature and knowledgeable advice to students participating in MUNA. It intends to replicate both the guidance of the Home Government and the permanent staff of the Mission that each member nation maintains at the UN.

Each sponsoring Rotary Club or High School selects the counsellor using their own method of selection. Counsellors come from all walks of life; they may be teachers, Rotarians or members of the community. Their main qualification being willingness to give of their time, enthusiasm in the development of the youth of their community, and an awareness of world affairs. The counsellor should be named at the time when the delegates are chosen.

The counsellor plays an important part in the successful preparation of delegates and their meaningful participation in MUNA. Students who have been diligently groomed in advance of the sessions seem to best enjoy the program. Ineffective or ill-informed advice to students could well result in an unpleasant MUNA experience.

In addition to preparing student delegates for their participation in MUNA, each counsellor should be prepared to attend the two-day Assembly in Winnipeg and to advise the delegation on matters under discussion, including rules of procedure, appropriate decorum, and general behaviour. Their role is advisory, supportive, and supervisory. Counsellors should sit with their delegations on the Assembly floor to advise them but do not participate in discussions either in the Assembly or in committee meetings. They should be available to their students for consultations during Committee meetings. Counsellors should impress upon their delegates to send notes to other delegates on matters under discussion in the Assembly or Committees and on other Assembly business but not for personal or social reasons.

Counsellors are also chaperons in the eyes of the home club and parents of the students. As role models, counsellors are expected to set an example for student delegates by conforming to the prescribed dress code. In case of international border crossing, the counsellor must carry a written permission from the parents of accompanying students. (See Travel)

The MUNA Committee can assist counsellors in arranging living accommodation in one of many of the Winnipeg hotels or in the Mennonite University’s new dormitory.